Materiały krzemieniarskie ze stanowiska Wysoka 1, pow. łańcucki (badania 1995)

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Pelisiak, Andrzej
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Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie
Instytut Archeologii UR
Fundacja Rzeszowskiego Ośrodka Archeologicznego
Wydawnictwo „Mitel”
Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
This study contains information about flint materials discovered at the site 1 in Wysoka, Łańcut commune. This inventory consists of 57 items. Most of them were discovered in the context of features of the Mierzanowice culture. They are made mainly of Świeciechów flint, and they are of typical Early Bronze Age flintwork nature (half-products of bifacial axes, backed blade knife). In addition, not numerous Neolithic artefacts of the Malice culture were discovered there.
The subject of this study are flint materials discovered in the course of excavations carried out in 1995 under the direction of Wojciech Blajer. 57 artefacts uncovered in the features of the Mierzanowice culture and in the cultural layer were available for the research. The vast majority of them have features of the Early Bronze Age flintworking. These are bifacial forms, including axes and their semi-finished products, a backed knife and flakes of polished axes. These materials were made mainly from Świeciechów flint. In addition, a few artefacts were made of blades with characteristics of the Neolithic flintwork. Since a few fragments of pottery sherds of the Malice culture were also discovered at this site, it is most likely that the Neolithic flint component should be associated with this culture.
Słowa kluczowe
flint material , Mierzanowice culture , bifacial products , Świeciechów flint
Materiały i Sprawozdania Rzeszowskiego Ośrodka Archeologicznego, t. 43/2022, s. 73-82