Wybrane aspekty przemian podkarpackiej młodzieży

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Długosz, Piotr
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The article presents changes in various aspects of youth from the Podkarpackie region. On the basis of the gathered data one can see main directions of changes in this sociological category. The youth from the Podkarpackie region have lower employment rates than the average for the country. Moreover, increasing unemployment among the youth with higher education is observed. The conducted analyses have shown that in the Podkarpackie region there are more unmarried men and women than the average for the country. The inhabitants of Podkarpackie live in marriages more often and divorce less often. Family is the most important value for youth and its high status remains for years. The youth from Podkarpackie have higher marriage rates than the average for the country and in the recent years the decrease in entering into marriages is observed. In the recent years one can observe the increase in the median of age of entering into marriages, as in Podkarpackie it takes place a year earlier than in the country. In the region men enter into marriage a year later than women. The marriages from the Podkarpackie region have children more often than the average for the country and their households are bigger. The birth rate is higher in the region; nevertheless, recently a decrease in this factor is observed. The age of mothers giving birth to the first child is increasing as well. The rate of emigration is increasing as well, this rate is higher than in the country. It is worrying that mainly young people, who could change the socio-economic reality of the region, emigrate.
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youth , Podkarpackie , social changes , adaptation strategies