Paired box 8 in organogenesis and oncogenesis – a review

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Szpunar, Magdalena
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Introduction and aim. Paired box 8 (PAX-8) is a specific transcription factor known as a protein product gene that plays an essential role in organogenesis and oncogenesis. The aim of this paper was to discuss structure and function of PAX-8. The aim of this study is to determine the utility of PAX-8 in cytology effusions with metastatic tumor. Material and methods. This article is a review done in regards to discuss the role knowledge on PAX-8 especially in oncogenesis and organogenesis. Analysis of the literature. Current information about PAX-8 is presented. Conclusion. The PAX family of genes plays an important role in the formation of tissues and organs during embryonic development and in maintaining the proper functioning of certain cells after birth.
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oncogenesis , organogenesis , paired box 8 , PAX-8 , transcription factor
European Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine T. 20, z. 1 (2022), s. 117–121