Literacka rama wydawnicza w edycji dzieła Malchera Piotrkowity pt. „Przeciw morowemu powietrzu przestroga”

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Sitkowa, Anna
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
In the article, the research is devoted to the study of titling press, stemmat, an inscription letter and a preface to the reader, constituting the literary framework of the only work known today by Malcher Piotrkowita, Jan Kostka’s court physician, voivode of Sandomierz. A warning against miasmas, issued after January 5, 1579, has survived till today in a unique form, belonging to the collection of the National Museum in Krakow / The Princes Czartoryski Museum. Piotrkowita’s book has not yet become an object of detailed studies, although, according to the author, it was the first comprehensive guide for the time of the plague, written by a Pole in his national language.
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literary publishing framework , Malcher Piotrkowita , epidemic , renaissance , literacka rama wydawnicza , epidemia , renesans
Tematy i Konteksty 11(16) 2021, s. 110–127