Bezdomność rodzin - socjologiczny szkic problemu

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Szluz, Beata
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KUL Jana Pawła II, Lublin
The problem of homelessness is not new, however it was only after 1989 that research regarding this issue started in Poland. Only very sparse publications connected with this subject matter appeared in preceding years. That situation was caused predominantly by the tendency to conceal the existence of certain social issues. The research related to this significant phenomenon conducted in the period of less than 20 years turned out to be extremely difficult, time and work consuming and very costly. A preliminary survey of the subject related literature showed that a research connected with family homelessness is undertaken very rarely. This phenomenon is a dangerous experience for an individual, but also the issue of family homelessness is becoming an alarming problem. Family's life is disturbed, which often leads to its disintegration. When a family faces homelessness, children are often placed in welfare institutions. Homelessness has negative impact on children's growth and education. Moreover it ruins physical and mental well being of the family members. In relation with the occurring problems, the herein article attempts an analysis of the issue of family homelessness. The analysis focused on the socio-demographic image of homeless families, causes of the problem, place of stay, ways for providing for the family, and forms of assistance for homeless families.
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problem społeczny , social problem , bezdomność , rodzina , homelessness , family