Struktura systemu edukacyjnego Rzeszowa

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Tłuczek-Tadla, Ewa
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The text focuses on the most important aspects of the educational system in contemporary Rzeszow. The discussed problems include the main educational objectives at the specific stages of schooling as well as the operating goals of various types of schools. The author also points to selected challenges faced today by specific educational institutions in Rzeszow. The discussion also includes those schools which meet educational needs of children and teenagers with varied educational needs. The chapter briefly characterizes the methods of recruitment to kindergartens and schools, and describes educational facilities available in Rzeszow. The presented quantitative data relates to the condition of the teaching personnel employed within the City, the number of students at the specific stages of schooling and in various types of schools. The text ends with key conclusions.
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education system , educational facilities , teachers , students , recruitment , Rzeszow
red. Marian Malikowski, Beata Szluz, Problemy społeczno-przestrzenne współczesnego Rzeszowa, s. 56–78