Cooperation of educational and social institutions in solving problems of the contemporary family

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Kohut, Svitlana
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
In the article the author presents an analysis of the theoretical and practical experience of resolving problems in a family by the specialists of the socio-pedagogical sphere of Ukraine from the time of independence. The family and family upbringing is examined from the angle of interdisciplinary research. A module of a professional program of the preparation of specialists for the area of social services which is oriented towards a detailed study of the family as an object of social-pedagogical work. Current issues of the institution of the family are examined. Through concrete forms of socio-pedagogical activities, the possibilities of resolving current problems of family through the collaboration of educational and social institutions are examined.
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family , professional preparation of social pedagogues for work with families , aspects of collaboration with educational and social institutions
Szluz Beata, Matulayová Tatiana, Pešatová Ilona, Cross-sectoral cooperation in order to solve social problems, s. 264-274