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    Doing fieldwork, doing anthropology. Anthropological perspectives, challenges and problems in humanities and social sciences. Educational and pedagogical tool
    (University of Rzeszów Doctoral School, 2024-07) Garapich, Michał P.
    This publication has been produced as part of the STER NAWA programme run by the University of Rzeszów Doctoral School, where the Author has been the Visiting Professor in May 2024. Its main aims are to present a unique and in-depth perspective on anthropological approaches to humanities and social sciences that should be helpful for the University of Rzeszów scholars, Early Career Researchers and students in expanding their knowledge, awareness of theoretical frameworks used in anthropological research but also to embark onto more interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary scientific endeavours. Thus the aim of the publication is both pedagogical as well as scientific geared towards equipping readers with more practical, applicable and impactful research practice.