Most frequent injuries and their causes in Ultimate Frisbee players

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Kołodziej, Gabriela
Jandziś, Sławomir
Kołodziej, Krzysztof
Skubal, Anna
Cyran-Grzebyk, Barbara
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Introduction. Media publicity of sports and increased training have pushed the limits of the human body and have correspondingly led to an increase in the number of sports injuries. Incorrect play techniques, inadequate warm-up and other factors often lead to an increase in the number of injuries in Ultimate Frisbee. Aim. Assessment of the impact of gender, age and training experience on the incidence of injuries in Ultimate Frisbee. Material and methods. 110 people aged 16 to 35, regularly practising Ultimate Frisbee were included in the study. Of the 110 participants, 36 were women and 74 were men. The results were obtained by means of a questionnaire prepared by the authors which concerned sociodemographic data and questions about sports injuries. The incidence of injuries was analyzed in terms of the training experience, gender and age of the respondents. Statistical analysis was performed using STATISTICA 13.1. Results. Our research showed a relationship between sex and the site and type of injury. Age affects the main cause of the injury, and training experience influences the site and type of injury (p <0.05). The largest group of respondents were people training Ultimate Frisbee at least 3-4 times a week (62.73%). Conclusion. Sex and the training experience have a significant impact on the site and type of injury. The main cause of the injury depends on age; in the study group the most common cause of injury occurred when respondents were not complying with the rules and technique of the game.
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injury , Ultimate Frisbee , sport
European Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine T. 15, z. 4 (2017), s. 315–321