Oficjałowie Konsystorza Okręgowego w Piotrkowie [Trybunalskim]

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Wlaźlak, Władysław Piotr
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The District Consistory in Piotrków [Trybunalski], functioning from 1819 to 1918 on the territory of the Diocese of Kalisz, i.e. of Włocławek was featured by substantial fluctuation concerning its territory and personnel. Moreover, the powers of the two first Officials in relation to appointing the personnel of the Consistory were greater than in the following years. After reorganization of ecclesiastical courts in 1885 on the territory of the Diocese of Kujawy and Kalisz, Presidents headed the Piotrków Consistory. In that time, many matrimonial causes were decided directly by the Official in Włocławek who had powers for the whole diocese. Earlier the Piotrków Consistory was subordinated to the General Official in Kalisz. Analogous changes were to the seat of the Consistory Office. The first Official resided in the centre of the district subordinated to him, yet it was not the seat of the official’s office. The situation became more complicated during the office of his follower who resided outside the territory of the Official’s Office of Piotrków. The next heads of the Consistory ran their office in Piotrków [Trybunalski] where they were parish priests. The last President was an exception who administered matters of the Piotrków Consistory from Sulejów nearby where he was the parish priest of the local parish. Maybe it was connected with the fact that at that time his consistory rights became reduced.
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