Model wspólnego systemu bezpieczeństwa dostaw gazu ziemnego w Unii Europejskiej. Postulaty de lege ferenda

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Zajdler, Robert
Gałczyński, Marcin
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
Historically, different market conditions of member states of the European Union led to the situation in which the security of supply was within the responsibility of EU members. The 2009 gas crisis resulted in the integration of national polices in this regard through the creation of a framework of common EU mechanisms in case of crisis. Regulation 994/2010 has only partly moved towards this aim. It indicated which elements of the system influence the security of supply. Additional regulatory measures should focus on further enhancement of some of the existing measures and enclose new parameters to the assessment of security level. The new model should be more focused on the wholesale market and the market assessment of security. The purpose of this article is to diagnose market and legal conditions of security of supply in Poland and in the EU, and to propose a common new approach to security of supply and relevant actions in case of gas crisis in the European Union.
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natural gas , crisis , security of supply , solidarity , EU gas market , wholesale market , regulation 994/2010