Bezpieczeństwo energetyczne społeczności lokalnej

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Wieczorek, Piotr
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The publication concerns the issue of periodic energy supply breaks. The main goal of the paper is to answer the following question: how one can solve the problems of local communities connected with periodic energy supply breaks, for instance: floods, avalanches, windstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, which result in power cuts lasting for almost a week. Secondly, this article is also dedicated to the investors, who would certainly decrease the use of energy in some urban areas, if they applied the provided solutions with regard to their investments such as huge shopping centres. What is more, the aim of this paper is to present certain legal regulations related to the crisis management concerning the use of the equipment of the Armed Forces in the case of periodic energy supply breaks.
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Law , Energy Security , crisis management , Renewable Energy Sources , scattered energy , Cold Fusion , Low Energy Nuclear Reaction , LENR , energy supply break threats , non-military threats , crisis situation , Armed Forces reaction to natural disaster , Military Rebuilding Units
Polityka i Społeczeństwo nr 2(15)/2017, s. 82–103