Kleintext – Großtext – Bild. Der Text-Kosmos in der Patienteninformation

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Greule, Albrecht
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The text grammar of German was for a long time limited to the description of the coherence of small texts. However, it was later noted that the text grammar which concentrated on small texts (microtexts) encountered limitations and did not agree with modern text creation nor was capable of expressing it in its entirety. Text grammarians had to take account of the fact that a “large text” comprises a great deal of small texts which mostly occur in a group with one or several illustrations. As a result, it concerns a well-organized quantity of small texts. The present paper aims to publicize the insights of the most recent research on the structure of large text: “information for patients”, which is an everyday text sort. Information for patients has been analyzed into eight text-parts which are examined text-grammatically and for which a microsubject is individually formulated. Joining the microsubjects allows the formulation of a global subject. Both illustrations in the text-example have a complementary text character. The quality of the text-example is finally evaluated positively as an attempt has been made to provide the medical contents in the form of an interview attractively.
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Textgrammar , Linguistic Analysis , Texttypes , Information for patients
Germanistische Kontexte, nr 2(1)/2017, s. 66–76