Specyfika polsko-izraelskich stosunków kulturalnych po 1990 roku

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Łapaj, Justyna
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
The resumption of Polish - Israeli diplomatic relations have begun the process of rebuilding broken relationships and building new areas in political and economic cooperation. One of the most important and specific areas of relationships are cultural relations between the countries, which allows direct contact between the society of those two nations. In the history of Polish - Jewish relations this area is one of the most important because without grassroots initiatives and an open mind atmosphere, the official agreements, which are both necessary and beneficial, remain insufficient. This article presents the activities of the cultural relations after 1990. The author discusses the complexity of the actions, which on one hand take into consideration the history, and on the other hand, not overestimating its significance in current relationships, they concentrate on cultural, educational and scientific cooperation which support the openness for a new dialog. In spite numerous difficulties and burdens which are current in the Polish - Jewish relations the states and the societies of both countries have taken great strides to improve the relationship.
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Cultural Policy , Poland , Israel , Relations