Geneza, powstanie i działalność Banku Polskiego w latach 1828–1885

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Sosnowska-Łozińska, Magdalena
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The establishment and activity of the Polish Bank (Bank Polski) in the years 1828–1885 were a very important chapter in the history of the Polish banking. That bank – called the historic predecessor of the Polish National Bank – had extensive competences that it used according to political and economic possibilities of the time. The bank carried out issuing activities that feature contemporary central banks, and additionally, it implemented effectively its tasks concerning crediting activity. Art. 1 of the decision on establishment of the PB from 29 January 1828 providedthat the goal of the Bank was to meet the public debt, as well as extension of trade, credit, and national industry. It should be noted that especially in the last field of its activity, the PB showed great concern in relation to organization and finances. The Polish Bank became – alongside the Land Credit Association (Towarzystwo Kredytowe Ziemskie) – the leading financial institution of the Kingdom of Poland.
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