Współczesna koncepcja praw człowieka na przykładzie wybranych dokumentów ONZ, Rady Europy, OBWE oraz Unii Europejskiej

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Semków-Chajko, Dorota
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The idea of human rights and their protection has been shaped for many centuries. During that time the rights have undergone a meaningful evolution, yet the full internationalization of the question took place after the Second World War. First of all it was expressed in the international, universal system of human rights created by the United Nations Organization. Its most important document referring to human rights and their protection was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was signed on 10 December 1948 and was recognized as a kind of the constitution for the international system of human rights. Moreover, an important role in shaping the international system of human rights has been played by regional systems whose example is the European system of human rights protection. It is grounded on three normative systems, such as the system of the Council of Europe, the European Communities / the European Union, and the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe / Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Each of the above-named structures has issued documents that regulated protection and development of human rights. In relation to the above the idea of human rights, their protection, and promotion has become an important element of both domestic law in individual states, but also a meaningful part of contemporary international relations.
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