Ile jest sztuki w terapii przez sztukę? Wielogłos specjalistów o teoretyczno- -praktycznych aspektach arteterapii

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Steliga, Anna
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Creation has been inextricably connected with human activity. Therefore we can, and even should, call every human a creator. These considerations have been narrowed down to a group of artists with mental disorders. Schizophrenics create as a result of their own creative needs, but also as part of art therapy. This article includes a series of opinions on art therapy: reflections on mutual relations of art and therapy voiced by experts, i. e. psychiatrists, visual artists, pedagogues, art teachers, special needs educators and art psychologists. The text also discusses the fields of art which are most frequently used in art therapy. i. e. drawing and painting. The artwork of people with mental disorders shows their mental state, presents their inner world, and art therapy can help them to improve the communication with the outer world and with themselves.
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twórca , niepełnosprawność , sztuki plastyczne , terapia przez sztukę , zaburzenia psychiczne , creator , disability , visual arts , art therapy , mental disorder
Warstwy Nr 2 (2018), s. 60-67